Drunk Driving Fatality Investigation: Search of suspects home yeilds treasure trove including RMV Drivers’ Manual, Gas Cans and Extra Vehicles.

Following a fatal crash on I-495 which left 4 people dead on Friday evening,  investigators have searched the home of the OUI suspect and found a startling cache of automotive literature and auto memorabilia. The suspect was driving a large capacity Cadillac Escalade when the crash occurred.

State Police found treasure trove including an  RMV Drivers’ Manual, 2 full five gasoline cans,  and 2 extra vehicles; including another high powered Ford SUV and Audi A8. The Audi is known to be able to exceed the national posted speed limits by as much as 100 mph.

Officer Krupky of the Framingham, MA State Police Barracks, told the AP that his department was  shocked to find a well worn copy of the RMV Driver’s guide as well and an old learner’s certificate. They also found a cache of scale model cars, and other memorabilia including a 4 barrel carburetor , a Hurst shifter knob, a steering device called a “suicide knob” (illegal in MA), and a books on car engines including one on the installation of a “nitro kit” which is known to be used in high speed racing. Also found were many models of Japanese “kits cars”.

One neighbor of the victims said, the very fact that both the Parents and their son the suspect were both certified by the RMV seems proof that the organization fails to apprise citizens of the full danger posed by automobiles; most particularly by high capacity SUVs with excessive horsepower.

An RMV spokesman said we are proud to offer driver safety and training materials and said further, “Although the driver clearly did receive a certificate showing they passed the RMV test; there was no connection to the RMV and the suspect was not an employee”. The RMV is following its longstanding policy of refusing to accept responsibility for motor vehicle related tragedies.

To learn more on the details of the shocking police findings go here.


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