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Real pain to real people !!

I went in for my annual review last week and my boss had some pretty bad news. It turns out finance ran the year-end numbers and it showed my company was at all not profitable last year and in fact in Q4 we were actually losing money.

 Also, he felt specifically that I had not made any improvements whatsoever; and it seems likely that some of my decisions in 2012 had actually hurt the bottom line performance, so I would have to take a hit. Despite my producing exactly the same poor results as in 2011, he would keep me on but they were NOT going to give me my full scheduled annual increase.

 So rather than the 4.85% increase I was counting on, I’m only getting 2.85% percent increase this year. This is going to cause some real pain in my household. I’m trying as best I can to figure out how to handle this, but it’s going to have a real effect on my family.

 I’ve gone through our budget and it turns out we spend a lot of money on:

  • Groceries
  • Heating Oil
  • Electricity
  • Mortgage
  • Clothes for the family.
  • Credit Card Debt for those items we really want but cannot afford via cash flow.
  • Beer (Imports, Micro Ales & IPAs, not that domestic swill) and Wine (Oregon Pinots maybe, but otherwise French)  
  • Dinners with friends at our fine local restaurants
  • Drinks with friends after dinner
  • Weekly Take-out charges for the kids while we dine out
  • Vacation in Wellfleet or the Vineyard on the good years.
  • Summer Camps
  • Music Lessons for the kids
  • Music purchases from Amazon and iTunes
  • Lastest iPhones and bigger screen HDTV to handle new high definition FiOS
  • Premium Cable TV with all the Movie & Sports channels, Movies on demand if we miss them while out.

So after I prioritized, and made some tough calls, I decided to go back to my boss and ask him to reconsider.

I told him that while I realize I had wasted a lot of company money with weekly “team building” meals, all new laptops to replace the ones we bought in 2010, that booze-fueled off-site in Vegas, and still did not produce much this past year; if I could NOT have a 4.85% increase, I would not be able to feed my children.

I’m hoping he listens to reason. So, I’ve told everyone in the office who would listen about the situation and they really agree that he’s being an evil dick for making my kids starve, sitting in the dark in their underwear in an unheated house.

>>>>>>>What an *hole!<<<<<<<<<


McCarthyism cries the NYTimes

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less.”

TED CRUZ lands repeated blows unblocked by moderately compelling rebuttals from Hagel. This would be comical if it were not sad that so many “educated” readers will not recognize what a fully contrived narrative. Behold the audacity and hypocrisy of those making the ludicrous analogy.

I wonder if accused pederast Senator Harry Reid (Google it) thinks about this travesty.