Hillary lying about lying. “some guys out for a walk deciding to kill Americans.” Disgusting.

She might just as well have said, “What Difference does it make, we won, you lost, now shut up.”

#1 – She’s arguing like a child.

#2 She understands quite clearly that folks are NOT trying to determine why the terrorists acted that night, but why the Obama team lied and mislead for so many weeks when they knew the truth all along.

And so with lots of sound and fury she poses the question, “What difference does it make now why they did what they did that night?”

If you’ve been dummed down far enough, it’s a great answer.

Update: WORD FOR THE DAY – Autostupification

Which brings me to the point of this post. Apparently the indignation at Clinton’s call to auto-stupefaction and the analytic dissection of the folly behind the remarks took place largely “on the right,” while, in the mainstream media, Clinton’s remarks were greeted with great admiration. “Good for Hillary,” she showed those guys on Capitol Hill a thing or two.



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