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Hillary lying about lying. “some guys out for a walk deciding to kill Americans.” Disgusting.

She might just as well have said, “What Difference does it make, we won, you lost, now shut up.”

#1 – She’s arguing like a child.

#2 She understands quite clearly that folks are NOT trying to determine why the terrorists acted that night, but why the Obama team lied and mislead for so many weeks when they knew the truth all along.

And so with lots of sound and fury she poses the question, “What difference does it make now why they did what they did that night?”

If you’ve been dummed down far enough, it’s a great answer.

Update: WORD FOR THE DAY – Autostupification

Which brings me to the point of this post. Apparently the indignation at Clinton’s call to auto-stupefaction and the analytic dissection of the folly behind the remarks took place largely “on the right,” while, in the mainstream media, Clinton’s remarks were greeted with great admiration. “Good for Hillary,” she showed those guys on Capitol Hill a thing or two.


Dehumanizing the enemy

..via Oleg Atbashian, a writer and graphic artist from the former USSR
Fun ironic essay.
Not so funny essay on current events/media/collectivist tactics.

“Instead of commanding firing squads, they play mind games of manipulative illusions, in which the demonization of dissent plays a crucial role. The basic premise hasn’t changed: as much as the statists want you to love them, they want you to hate their opponents even more.”

“Maintain the perception of being constantly under attack.  Don’t examine the opponents’ beliefs, nor answer their arguments.  Discredit any media channels that offer them a platform.  Enforce the following media template: the opposition is evil, treasonous, unfathomable, and psychotic.  They can’t be reasoned with.  They are inspired by fascism and financed by a conspiracy of shady oligarchs.  Defame their donors.  Whatever the mischief you’re planning to pull off, accuse them of doing it first; then proceed as planned, describing your actions as a necessary intervention.  And ridicule, ridicule, ridicule!

This is what made it easy for Stalin to purge his opponents: by the time he charged them with treason, the orchestrated media coverage had already made them universally hated…” 

“Their young audiences, deprived of adequate education and learning about history and current events from Hollywood movies and TV shows, will not recognize the symptoms of an encroaching totalitarianism either.  Upon hearing a dissenter who disparages the benevolent guidance of the state, they will immediately recognize a stereotype that is being relentlessly demonized and dehumanized on their screens: the ignorant, close-minded, right-wing nut job.  Chances are they will smugly ridicule him with the jokes they heard from their favorite media personalities.  In another generation, they may as well feel morally obligated to report the dissenter to the authorities — and be thrilled at the chance to partake in the historic mission of crushing the remnants of the evil reactionaries, even if they happen to be their parents.”

 Oleg is the creator of a satirical website,


CASH FOR CLUNKERS – subsidizing the wealthy(-er)

What happens when you have economic illiterates running the government. The rub on progressives is that they have a zero sum mentality. As in wealth is finite and must be divided. I think its worse than that…

Every time they venture into economic stimulus they suffer from one step thinking. The behavior they can predict and effects they can foresee only goes one step.

No idea about second order much less complex n-order effects.

This is particularly infuriating because I’m looking for a cheap 5 year old/75k mile Explorer or similar, and they used to be disposable (under 10k). Now they are 1.5 to 2 time more for the same vintage. Oh yeah, the mid-range new cars have gone up too…  Odd how that works.


I Went Down (1997)

This Irish-British road movie follows the misadventures of some Irish ex-cons. When Dublin hood Tom French (Tony Doyle) comes down hard on slow-witted Anto (David Wilmot), Git (Peter McDonald) intervenes and then is assigned a mission. He is ordered to travel to Cork to bring back French’s friend Frank Grogan (Peter Caffrey) and the money Frank in holding. Along for the ride is French’s associate Bunny (Brendan Gleeson). The two rescue Grogan from gunmen, but Grogan claims to know nothing about any money, only about his 18-month affair with French’s wife. Thus, uncertainty looms on the horizon as the three drive back to Dublin. Shown at the 1997 Edinburgh Film Festival.

Nice film about nothing much at all – doubt I’ll rem the plot 10 yrs out but nice performances of Gleeson and Peter McDonald. Funny and endearing diversion.